Be an Anabolic Advocate in 2014!

You may be wondering what “anabolic” means.  Simply stated, it is the kind of energy that works for you, rather than against you.  It builds you up rather than breaking you down.

For 2014, I propose creating a list of things that are important to you, you believe in, and want to advocate.  Do it in a way that builds you up.  When you focus on what you don’t agree with, what you can’t stand, and things that are beyond your control, you have the opposite of anabolic energy.  Determine what you do value and advocate those things.  Live by them and celebrate them by sharing what they offer!

Here are some things that Seffrin Synergy anabolically advocates:

  • Holistic self-care
  • Being at choice
  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Authentically honoring yourself
  • Being surrounded by loving people
  • Support and community
  • Conscious living
  • Acceptance

In 2013 these were all accomplished.  I was very intentional with who I surrounded myself with.  One of the events that I partnered with was the Indy March Against Monsanto.  Even though it was a “march against” something, I knew where the organizers heart was coming from.  Angie Capretti, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Founder of Indy Action Group, was guided by what she had experienced:

Meditation and mindfully eating an increased amount of organic whole foods resulted in an exciting awakening of my spiritual energy.  I become passionate about food advocacy as a result of this.

She also states,

I believe the thriving and expanding local, organic and sustainably grown food production system in Indianapolis is helping to raise the collective consciousness of our community. I am so excited to be part of it!

So in that spirit, I joined the march and spoke to the crowd there about Indy Holistic Hub, our supportive community, and being at choice in life.  It feels so amazing to collaborate with others in a common spirit and appreciation for what you value.  I ask you now…

What is on your Anabolic Advocacy list?  Who will you surround yourself with in celebration of those things?

In Synergy~

Jenn Seffrin

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