The Next Frontier

Even when you understand that life is a continual evolution, it can still be difficult to embrace the ebb and flow.  Particularly when you are doing things that are aligned with your values and passion.  There is a birth and re-growth process that occurs which can shake your certainty if […] Read more »

Be an Anabolic Advocate in 2014!

You may be wondering what “anabolic” means.  Simply stated, it is the kind of energy that works for you, rather than against you.  It builds you up rather than breaking you down. For 2014, I propose creating a list of things that are important to you, you believe in, and […] Read more »

Celebrating Acupuncture!

I had the pleasure of receiving my first ever Acupuncture treatment this week.  Erica Siegel, Owner of Indy Acupuncture and Indy Downtown Community Acupuncture, took great care of me!  I went to the Downtown Clinic which is an amazingly comfortable space.  They also offer a sliding scale to meet you […] Read more »

Holistic Hub On The Rise!

It’s almost been a month since the inaugural Holistic Horizons summit and I still hear people talking bout it.  The day was tremendous and full of invigorating people!  The energy was palpable and stayed with me through the entire day and evening buzzing like a bumble bee. The theme of […] Read more »

Life’s Seasoning

The cycle of seasons is transitioning.  The last bit of wintry weather provided us an opportunity to relish in the last moments of hibernation, rest, and stillness.  Spring conjures up plant growth, sunshine, and outdoor activities!  When you take in the meaning and representation of the seasons, it really brings […] Read more »