Mercy Me

Mercy… what does this word mean to you?  It popped into my mind this week.  I don’t even remember why, I just remember looking up its meaning.  For me, this word has always had a religious connotation to it.  The idea of God or Jesus having mercy on our sinful […] Read more »


It’s off to work we go!    As the 7 dwarfs show us, work is what we came here to earth to do.  We came here to have  a set of experiences and those experiences are the outer and inner work going on through us.  The work includes our jobs, roles, […] Read more »

Prosper In The Possibilities

Happy 2013 to all!  I surely hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season.  Have you prepared yourself for what’s next in your life and 2013?  I went deep within to get a sense of what 2013 was going to be about and got this sense of great Prosperity.  For me, life […] Read more »

Indy Holistic Hub is here!

A personal vision coming to life… I am so pleased to announce Indy Holistic Hub is here!  Indy Holistic Hub is committed to the well-being of the Indianapolis community.  We provide smart resources and information, connecting people to professionals who respect them as a whole and support them being well in mind, […] Read more »

Be An Activist Of Life

I attended an impressive event yesterday put on by a locally founded organization who is making an international impact, the Women Like Us Foundation.   Their Women Like Us tea was held at the gorgeous Scottish Rite Cathedral in downtown Indianapolis and was a great success.  Full of fun vendors, silent auction […] Read more »