Meet Jenn


   Hello and thanks for meeting with me today!  I would like to share a little about myself with you.  Self exploration and growth have been hugely important to me in my journey and continues to be.  My ability to have a strong belief in the process of life has enabled me to spread my wings and go find my place in this world.  I knew early on I wanted to support and empower others and encourage a holistic approach to life.

When I went off to college at Indiana University, I was not drawn to any of the options available to me.  In fact, I felt more lost than ever.  My heart wanted to go explore!  So after graduating with a Bachelors in Sociology and Criminal Justice (I wanted to be a lawyer for a short moment), I did just that.  I moved away from the Hoosier land for several years and explored Atlanta and then Phoenix.  During that time I really discovered my holistic self and what it meant to take care of myself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

After moving back to Indiana, I discovered coaching and went through coach certification training.  I also began meeting dynamic individuals whose focus was holistic and natural living.  One of my strengths is connectedness and a vision started which has never left me – growing the holistic community in Indianapolis.  Indy Holistic Hub was founded then in 2012 (meaning I started talking about it and inviting people to gather at lunch).  2013 was a defining year and 2014 will flourish beyond!

Being a service oriented professional myself, I know how utterly important it is to take care of me.  That means continually learning, challenging my thinking, and focusing on my well-being so I thrive each day.  I do this to optimally serve myself and those around me.

Thanks so much for allowing me to share with you!

Synergistically Yours~


“I am so glad I spent the time and money to do the Energy Assessment with Jenn. I learned what was happening in my head subconsciously, then was able to make better choices based upon that knowledge. I highly recommend it to anyone! It changed my life for the better quickly.”

~Annie Sever-Dimitri,  Life Coach, Image Consultant, & Intuitive