The Next Frontier

Even when you understand that life is a continual evolution, it can still be difficult to embrace the ebb and flow.  Particularly when you are doing things that are aligned with your values and passion.  There is a birth and re-growth process that occurs which can shake your certainty if you allow it.  I have been astutely aware of this lately and as I described this ‘tossing up in the air, re-alignment’ (my words in the moment) that was happening for me, a wise friend and colleague said to me, “That’s what I call birth and re-growth.”

Yes!  I loved those words.  What a great reframe and boost in perspective.  Nature is a perfect example of this birth and re-growth.  A plant is cultivated.  It continues to grow, have offshoots of new growth, and will even go dormant… parts die off and new growth begins.

_DSC5726      When divinely inspired to do something, be prepared for this.  The inspiration is birthed by taking inspired action — doing what you instinctively know to do right now.  Those actions and the dynamics surrounding them then shift and create new circumstances for re-growth to occur.  It’s like the next frontier that’s emerging.  All people, places, ideas, and actions have served a purpose and now you are being shown more.  If you resist, your ability to create the next frontier gets stifled.  If you allow and look with curiosity, you are inspired into action.  Anything that looks like a challenge or problem, has also arrived with its solution.  Pay attention and you will see a path.  And the re-growth continues.

What have you recently birthed?  Be prepared for the re-growth:)  Want to share or have questions?  Please comment or email

Synergistically Yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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