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Jennifer is a coach that truly partners with you and is focused on your ability to thrive.  She supports you in creating sustainable results in all areas of life.

Jennifer’s strength is her holistic approach to life.  She naturally sees the strengths and abilities in others.  Through her strong belief system, she is able to encourage growth, confidence, and action.  Her commitment to loving all fosters a safe space for clients to self-explore, identify and overcome challenges, as well as examine new possibilities.  Jennifer also sees life in a very connected way and will draw forward the interplay of the mind, body, and spirit for ultimate well-being.

Coaches know how to ask impactful questions and utilize proven tools to guide the client in creating a customized personal plan for success.  The coaching relationship is built on trust, open and confidential communication, and accountability.  If Jennifer isn’t the correct fit for you, she will certainly help you find your fit!  Her Thrive-ability process will get you started either way.

The Thrive-ability Process

Measures your ability to make choices that sustain your energy and create balance, so that you thrive in all areas of life.  Utilizing a trade-marked assessment and other specialty tools, you will walk away with a tangible understanding of how you are sustaining momentum or being depleted.

Your synergistic investment of only $197.00, will provide you with:

  • Online access to our Energy Leadership™ Index assessment.
  • 60 minute debrief session with Jennifer.
  • A report of your assessment results and take-aways.
  • Energetic Self-Perception Chart.
  • Continued connection to Seffrin Synergy and Indy Holistic Hub resources.

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Ready to up your Thrive-ability Factor?  Let’s get you started!

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 One-on-one coaching packages are also available and customized to fit your needs.

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“Jennifer Seffrin heightened my awareness and insight into energy and how it affects leadership when I had an Energy Leadership Assessment conducted back in February. The Energy Leadership Report is an invaluable tool that I reference regularly. I can now consciously connect my energy with being purpose driven and delivering results. Not only has this helped me to better lead others, but I am better able to lead myself as well. I used the report in creating a new job description for myself and have shared the knowledge with friends, family and clients. I highly recommend Jennifer and the Energy Leadership Report for individuals who want to be highly effective and make a positive leadership impact.”

~Amie Rickels, Personal Brand Consultant, Founder of People Brand Revolution

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